Some of our recent successes

  • March 2021

    Translation of manuals for professional manicure equipment into English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Swedish, Romanian, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and Dutch (Semilac brand, Nesperta).

  • January 2021

    Translation of technical texts from German into Turkish (80,000 words).

  • January-March 2020 – REHAU, Újhartyán, Hungary

    Interpreting from German into Hungarian during training courses conducted by DÜRR AG.

  • June-August 2019 – EVOBUS, Holýšov/Czech Republic

    Interpreting from Italian and Polish into Czech during training courses held by DÜRR AG.

  • January-May 2019 – Volkswagen Poznań

    Interpreting during the organisation of VW California assembly line in VW Crafter plant in Września.

  • 2019 – now, DÜRR AG, SKODA project

    Translation of technical documentation from English and German into Czech.

  • 2019 – DÜRR AG, MAGNA Steyr project, Slovenia

    Translation services from English and German into Slovenian for DÜRR AG.

  • 2018 – JAGUAR – Nitra, Slovakia

    Translation of training materials for paint shop personnel in the newly opened factory (from English and German into Slovak).

  • 2017 – BMW, Mexico

    Translation of training materials for paint shop personnel (from English into Spanish).

  • 2016-2018 - VW Crafter, Września

    Comprehensive linguistic services during training for paint shop personnel in the newly opened factory; translation of training materials.

  • 2016-2018 – DÜRR, Bietigheim-Bissingen

    Comprehensive translation services during training at the company's German headquarters.

  • 2012 – now

    Comprehensive translation services for VW Poznań personnel in the Poznań plant and in Germany.

  • 2008 – now

    Translation of operating manuals for precision scales and other measuring devices for KERN (from German into 20 languages)



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