Written translation

Biuro Tłumaczeń i Konsultingu PUNKT based in Poznań offers high-quality translation services. We complete all translation projects thoroughly, reliably and with attention to detail. All our translators have extensive experience in their field. We offer professional translations from and into European and non-European languages. Our services are available at affordable prices.

Specialist translation services

Biuro Tłumaczeń i Konsultingu PUNKT based in Poznań offers a wide range of translation services. Our translation team ensures that all content is translated accurately and reliably, regardless of text type. We work with a broad range of text types, including:

  • court documents (procedural documents, court judgements)

  • business texts

  • HR documents (cover letters, CV, employment certificates etc.)

  • websites

Our translation agency offers professional translation and interpreting services in a broad range of languages including:

  • Spanish

  • Norwegian

  • French

  • Italian

  • Portuguese

  • Ukrainian

  • Russian

  • Swedish

  • Dutch

  • Danish

  • Lithuanian

  • Bulgarian

  • Slovak

  • Czech

  • Greek

  • Hungarian

  • Romanian

  • Chinese